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Founded in 1997 and formerly called The Source, The Violet Ray was re-named to its current name in 2005. In the past The Violet Ray published a quarterly magazine, quarterly digest and annual directory of practitioners and event guide. It was our intent to provide a resource for readers to connect with professionals by propelling those seeking natural health, metaphysical guidance, complementary and alternative therapies in the conscious living communities. At present we do not print any publications due to increased interest in digital media and the natural trend towards online resources. 

Also, we are migrating to a new site called which will evolve and transform as clear directions unfold for that site. In the meantime, for those seekers and newbies of the holistic and metaphysical realm, we are leaving some resources online such as past issues of The Violet Ray. Feel free to download these issues and share them with your friends as they contain some good articles and information.

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