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AlminePerspectives by Almine
Acknowledged as the leading seer and mystic of our time, much of Almine’s information comes from her renowned gift as translator of ancient records.
Clairvoyant KimWhat's Above With Clairvoyant Kim
A column of questions and answers related to the afterlife.
Dr. Anne Marie Evers - The Affirmation DoctorASK Dr. Evers
A column on manifesting your dreams and desires through Affirmations.
Irene MartinaInsights From The Dream Expert - Irene Martina
What do your dreams reveal?
Juey Ann MacLeodWhere Is The Joy? - By Juey Ann MacLeod - The Sexual and Relationship Expert
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Need Advice? Looking for Inspiration? yvette Soler combines practicality with spirituality to empower you to follow your path and fulfill your life purpose.
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Perspectives by Almine

Almine, acknowledged as the leading seer and mystic of our time, is a gifted teacher and lecturer. She has gained a large international following, traveling the world delivering her empowering, and life-altering message to those who drawn to living a life of mastery. A prolific author; much of Almine’s information comes from her renowned gift as translator of ancient records. www.spiritualjourneys.com



The Aftermath of 2012- The Birth of a Higher Consciousness
An interview with the Seer Almine by Serge Guilbert, Quebec, Canada

Q. What is different, now that the Mayan Calendar has declared time to have ended in 2012?
A. There are four primary areas of existence that will be profoundly different. These changes will slowly but surely manifest as alterations to our reality. First, a few will change in the way they experience life, then it will ripple through the lives of the multitudes. It’s like the scenario when water changes to steam - first just a few water molecules escape, then eventually all the water has become steam.

Q. What is the first area of great change?
A. The ending of linear time means that time no longer goes around and around the disc of individuated life in cycles, called incarnations, like a dog chasing its tail. Cycles of life, death and ascension become a choice rather than a necessity.

Q. What is time’s movement now, if it isn’t circular anymore, and how will that affect everyday life?
A. It has become exponential rather than following the linear progression of cause and effect. Imagine Infinite Expression being like a calm lake. Every act of a being, functioning from the higher level of consciousness, is like a raindrop falling in the lake. It ripples out, without the lake actually moving, intersecting the ripples of the actions of others. Where the ripples intersect, new potential opens up through the awakening of alchemy. This means that great, positive changes are possible if we are open to them.

Q. What is different in the relationship of cause and effect with this new movement of time?
A. These two opposites become integrated, functioning as one. That means your intentions, thoughts and feelings will manifest almost immediately.

Q. What is the second area of change?
A. A lessening of hardship and opposition, as our environment changes from a mirrored reflection to a poetic expression.

Q. Why must it be poetic, rather than any other form of expression?
A. To see the poetry of life, even in the suffering of others, helps the few trail-blazers of light who escape the matrix of linear time, not to get dragged back by the old reality of the many, but rather through the beauty of their lives, to express a new one…

Q. Like becoming a living work of art… How is life in our environment viewed by one who expresses his environment, rather than one who tries to define himself by his environment?
A. I want to quote a poem called “The Artist,” written by a 13- year old, Native American Cree girl:

The Artist

An unknown journey
My pencil, the paper, and I
A single black line on a background of white
The beginning of alchemy of creation yet unborn
A wolf prowling on a snowy night
His silent howl, piercing the moon

The images pour from my mind
And the paper comes alive
A window into the depth of my soul

The bold yellow eyes challenging me
In a shaft of moonlight, between dark trees
A black figure pauses to look at me
Soft padded paws buried in the snow, his jaw slightly open
Revealing the long white canines, like icicles

Forever frozen in time
Frozen in time…

By Jaylene Manitopyes

Q. Please comment on the poem’s insights.
A. The artist looks at her artwork as a window into her own soul. The poem gives the paradigm- shifting feeling that all realities are equally alive and real, because all are the expression of the artist, who sees herself in her work. The work sees itself in her. Boundaries between real and unreal, inner and outer, become blurred.

Q. How do we achieve this awareness?
A. By releasing the need for self-reflection, living unselfconsciously like a child. Also by releasing resistance to life through surrendered trust.

Q. What is the third area of change?
A. Cosmic life has become like a resurrected being. Soul and body have blended into one; death and life’s alternating cycles have become optional.

Q. Has this already begun?
A. Yes. The soul level of cosmic life, a parallel reality, has blended with ours. Many strange beings have entered our hidden realms that have not been encountered before. I received the Wheel of Combined Realities from the angels, showing the alchemical blending of the high angelic realms with physical life.

Q. What is the fourth area of change?
A. The purification of old impressions (akashic imprints) that have created karma. They have lingered like ghosts, calling us back again and again to relive them.

Q. Is this what has caused the cycles of incarnation?
A. Yes, in large part.

Q. How will the purification occur?
A. Through the restoration of lost tones, or frequencies, of purity. We have had only 96 active tones of purity, each represented by an angelic order, but there are 144.

Q. Has this been restored, and does this mean that individual karma can also be erased for those who live this higher life?
A. Yes, to both questions. The Wheel of Perpetual Regeneration through Trust in Self-Sovereignty contains the sigils (glyphs) representing the 144 Tones of Purity.

Q. Thank you for sharing so much information with us.

Wheel of Combined Realities

The Wheel of Combined Realities

Wheel of Perpetual Regeneration

The Wheel of Perpetual Regeneration through Trust in Self-Sovereignty

Acknowledged as the leading seer and mystic of our time, Almine is a gifted teacher and lecturer. She has gained a large international following while traveling the world delivering her empowering, life-altering message. She is also a prolific author and many of her books are translated into multiple languages. Her online courses range from mysticism and self-mastery to shamanism and cutting-edge alchemy. Much of Almine’s information comes from her renowned gift as a translator of ancient records.

PO Box 300
Newport, OR 97365

2012 Prophecies from Ancient Records
As translated by the Seer Almine

From the ancient Lemurian texts known as the Hamagda, the foreseen challenges of societal destructuring in 2012 are described as a cyclical and foreseeable cosmic sequence.

The cosmic movement resembles a massive tube torus, or doughnut shape, that turns upon itself. The Ancients called this the in-breath and out-breath of God. Unresolved trauma is held in the gaps between breaths; the clearing technique of rebirthing is designed to clear this.

A ‘2012 phenomenon’ occurs when the Earth folds over the outer or inner edge of the tube torus of space and comes face to face with all unresolved issues. These consist of events that have not yet yielded their insights, creating karma.

With the multiple cataclysmic events that have taken place (according to the records these happened 1 million years ago, 800,000 and 75,000 years ago and 9, 564 B.C.), the souls on Earth have not been able to recover from the shock. Racial memory has kept in place the deep-seated and unresolved pain about Earth seemingly not being a safe home.

When experiences do not yield their insights, they beg for resolution by repeating themselves. This possibility looms in 2012. Although these doomsday prophecies could be seen as heralding cataclysmic events to come, there is a passage that offers great hope and an unexpected solution.

The Lemurian Text of Hamagda (excerpt)

“Savavech mishpata surech anas hirustat. Vilesklatvi burach sarunat hilesta. Skrivava miseret bravachbi usanat selhetvi kla-uva.”

(Translation) From the few it shall begin. These shall bring great change. The many shall move out of harm’s way.

“Savahuch subrit aleskla hunavit serevasvi. Misuvach eleskla huba-vich selvesvi arunat. Stahubavil nusereret mishekle avach vavi hurestatvi.”

(Translation) Only in this reality are opposites found. Polarity inevitably brings adversity. A few shall live where opposites merge and are no more.

“Kanus blavabit herek arnech selvahut. Aurs krevich preherenut savavi uklasvi brihurestat. Setu manash arsurat.”

(Translation) The oneness comes to the surrendered life. It brings the rapture of extreme awareness. This reality averts disasters.

A New Reality

The passages (above) explain that this high form of consciousness, recognizable by its rapture and feeling of being in love with life, will create a new reality. It begins with just a few, but rapidly spreads through humanity, changing the prophetic predictions for 2012.

The new reality will be recognizable by an individual experiencing the following indications:

• The light becomes more golden.
• A deep, contented rapture is felt throughout the day.
• There is wakefulness when sleeping and when awake, life has a dream-like feel to it.
• An intense love affaire with life develops and all experiences seem extremely intense.
• Life is seen through a poetic perspective.
• Senses are heightened.
• Miracles become more commonplace.
• Timelessness is experienced, as space and time lose their grip.
• Absent loved ones are heard and experienced as though present.
• Intense sensory perception is simultaneously felt with witness consciousness.
• Although sounds are heard, there is a silence that permeates the body, drowning out noise.
• Bodily functions such as eating, drinking and elimination, slow down considerably.
• The body can be reshaped and regains youthfulness as it loses the density that has been kept in place by the tension of opposites.

This state that is the destiny of man can be achieved by surrendering to the flow of life through the day, by living life as a poetic work of art. Furthermore, it is achieved by uncovering and loving the Infinite and by seeing it within its creations.

Several little pauses during the day to connect with the Infinite through love, praise and gratitude helps our actions to become gifts of devotion and assist in maintaining a deep, appreciative awareness of the divinity of life. The time for this transition is now.

Note: During the 24th of September 2011, Almine slipped out of this reality of opposite polarities, into the new reality of no opposites. She lived from this reality until she became dense enough to teach the Toronto retreat at the end of September for 3 days. Some of her students have experienced this transition as well.

Perpetual Rejuvenation through Mastering Opposites
By the Seer Almine

The art of rejuvenation, unknown to the masses, has long been practiced with varying degrees of success, in the mystery schools of the world. Locked away from corrupting influences of man, these mystics have attempted to disengage from the grid that programs the death and life cycles of man.

These practitioners of the rejuvenation methods, well-kept secrets of the ancients, were sometimes encountered by outsiders who attested to the virility and strength of the masters, even at very advanced ages.

There are three stages of overcoming death and decay known through the ages, each mastering one of the stages of linear change. In order to understand them, we must first be aware that life spirals around and around a triangle of three very distinct stages of transformation, transmutation and transfiguration.

1. Transformation: This stage takes place when we are in the process of shedding the old and the obsolete. Growth is slow during this stage because it follows a mathematical sequence (the Fibonacci sequence). Life is the largest stage an individual lives that is transformational. Life is lived in white light.

2. Transmutation: This stage has leveraged growth because it is alchemical in nature, following an alchemical sequence, not a mathematical one. Death (or life in the spirit world) represents the largest transmutational cycle. It is lived in black, or etheric, light.

3. Transfiguration: Having become more etheric, and having raised in frequency during the previous stage, the transfiguration of the individual is the inevitable next stage. The body and its fields transfigure in order to hold more light to match the increased frequency.

The largest transfigurational stage is ascension. The individuation and self-awareness is retained, but the form is not necessarily kept. These realms have what is known as grey light (traditionally known as “Heaven” because of having no burdens commonly associated with physicality – the sensual joys are also not present and growth is almost non-existent).

In mastering transformation (the physical), life can become prolonged for about 10,000 years. It is known as immortality.

In mastering transmutation (the soul), life can be prolonged to about 100,000 years. It is known as incorruptibility.

In mastering transfiguration, life can be continually rejuvenated. It is known as perpetual rejuvenation (the spirit).

The Principles of Rejuvenation

1. Immortality

• As part of mastering transformation (which purifies by getting rid of the old), the master of immortality must delay the ultimate purification rite – death.
• In a heightened state of awareness, the master watches every detail of his or her life for mirrors of what needs to be purified within, constantly living in a state of overcoming blind spots and growing in perception.
• Perception increase feeds the individual more and more light, which feeds the body resources (prolonged life) and depletes the soul. The call of the soul for the individual to come to the spirit world (death) becomes more and more feeble.
• Because two opposite poles, such as life and death, can only delay alternating their expression so long before stagnation sets in, life must eventually yield to death.

2. Incorruptibility

• When life has been lived and soul demands its share, either in increments (aging) or in a lump sum (death), the incorruptible master changes the rules of the game.
• When the paradigm of life is a small one, the game takes place in a small circle - the poles are close together and they have smaller intervals between alternating dominance. When death comes knocking, the incorruptible master increases the parameter of the paradigm he or she is living.
• Increased frequency yields perception and increased perception yields frequency. The master now enters into intense frequencies of love, praise and gratitude, or sees more than ever before.
• The parameter can only be pushed so far until eventually death must be able to get its share of existence. The only way to sidestep this eventual limit (like a rubber band that can stretch no further), is to move into transfiguration.

3. Perpetual Rejuvenation

• Transfiguration moves between form and formlessness, a principle that can be utilized to ‘rebirth’ the actual physical body over and over again.
• When the body alternates between form and formlessness, instead of life and death, it has chosen another opposite. Death now has no opposite to pulse with – a necessary energy source for opposites – and yet again grows weaker.
• Death now creates opposition (from our ‘higher’ self in the spirit world) to wear us down. It then promises us ‘rest’ in the after-life.
• The transfigurational sequence is 1, 0, Ø, -1, Ø, 0, 1 (the positive numbers being formed life and the negative numbers formlessness).
• The master uses perception to make a massive leap out of his paradigm (circle of expression) so that it far exceeds the level of frequency. The master then goes into complete emptiness and allows his stretched perception to shoot back, thrusting him into formlessness of spirit.
• Because the solidity of physical life takes up a lot of resources to maintain, life in formlessness has much more resources available and accessible. As the master returns, he rejuvenates his body through the resources he brings with him.
• Only a few seconds may have passed in physical life, but the master may have rested for months in the timelessness of spirit. As he increases in mastery, the ability to change the appearance of his form may also be achieved.

These techniques no longer belong to the hidden teachings of mystery schools. The fear that they can be misused is unfounded, since they are based on the increase of pure frequencies and light. They are where they belong: as the birthright of man.

The soul can be nourished by incorporating the principles of the heart into our everyday life; through the holy marriage of matter and soul.

Sacred Sexuality
By the Seer Almine

There is only one criterion for weighing our actions: do they serve indwelling life or don’t they? If they serve the world of form only, they serve that which is unreal. On the other hand, if actions serve to evolve awareness, then they are aligned with the purpose of indwelling life.

The degree to which sexual acts are enhancing to the indwelling life of participants depends on the consciousness that initiates them. To be conscious is to see the big picture. Conscious beings consider carefully the effects of any act on others. They know that any choice they make must benefit all equally in the evolution of awareness.

Sexual Practices

Many sexual ‘spiritual’ practices are designed to enhance energy, which in turn increases consciousness, but not always equally to both participants. Using another to enhance primarily one’s own energy can provide short-term energy boosts but will ultimately deplete not only oneself, but also one’s environment. A practice that focuses on self-gain is self-centered, a condition that de-spirals the DNA strand and warps the web of existence, creating karmic repercussions.

The ancient Chinese traditions of the White Tigress women enabled practitioners to remain youthful into their nineties and beyond through the energy these practices provided. Like vampires of energy, there was personal gain to them with little exchange. Tantric practices provide more of an exchange, yet are nevertheless more enhancing to males.

There is a limited amount of power and energy available from the form side of life and a limitless supply from the Divine that breathes life into form . (See www.yogaofillumination.com for information about Devi Satva Yoga, the Yoga of Illumination). The only way to gain energy and power without damaging the web of existence is through enhanced perception. (See “Pathway to Ascension”, a free online course at www.spiritualjourneys.com)

The Secret of Sexuality

The secret to unlocking the gift of perception that sexuality can yield lies in that place of connection with the Infinite: the present moment. It is in the stillness of the moment that we experience the ultimate love affair between Creator and Creation. It can be demonstrated in the following way: if we pass blindly by a flowering bush along the wayside and fail to see that it is ablaze with the glory of God, nature withers. Nature thrives on appreciation.

If in a quiet moment of contemplation, we truly acknowledge the beauty of a flower, it allows that plant to evolve more rapidly into a more complex form of expression.

In a similar way, truly being present and appreciatively entering into the wondrous miracles of our partners, contributes to their evolution of awareness. Thoughts about techniques pull us out of the moment into the world of form and away from indwelling life.

As we focus on truly experiencing another, the energy lines around our bodies open like the radiating petals of a flower. When this happens, blockages are released and power and energy flow freely through us, allowing us to receive a greater supply of life force. Once we shift our focus, however, to personal performance or agendas, the energy lines fold inwards, draining energy from our partners. The energy we drain from another may temporarily increase our own but, as is the case with all self-centeredness, eventually leads to decay and death.

Our insensitivity to the miracle of another disrupts the web of life because it is damaging to them as well as ourselves. It is damaging to them because what is unacknowledged decreases and what is appreciated increases. It is damaging to us because our true identity is a being as vast as the cosmos with all existing within us. What is destructive to another is therefore also destructive to ourselves.

Doorway of the Heart

To truly experience another is a matter of the heart. The mind and senses can only appreciate the form, but the heart can know the divine essence within. In this way another being, whether a partner or a flower, becomes a doorway that leads from the world of mirrors (form) into that which is real (indwelling life).

The doorway of the human being reveals a far more complex expression of life than the flower. Creation can be described as a mirror that allows the Infinite to see itself. A human being holds up a larger piece of mirror, revealing more of the Infinite’s face than the mirror fragment of the flower. A human being, unlike the flower, has the ability to make mistakes. In this way he also mirrors that which the Infinite is not, that it may more fully understand that which it is.

Each human being is a unique perspective superimposed over all that is. The gift of perception sexual union offers us is that we may enrich ourselves by experiencing another’s eternal perspective. When a partner has a lower level of awareness, it becomes more challenging to pierce the illusions (mirrors).

If we approach them superficially, we become entangled in their web of illusions. Through opened hearts we can, on the other hand, see the true perfection of their essence, which is why sex and love should go hand in hand. By focusing on the perfection underlying the appearances, we see with the eyes of the Infinite. Before such a gaze, illusion dissipates like mist before the morning sun.

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